BzzAgent is a great site to try new products and get your opinions listened to about them and they allow you to keep the products that you try and just for a review on what you think about them!! HOW EASY CAN IT GET?! Anyway, they've started this thing where you can join in Campaigns that you may have not been picked for, but by telling them more less WHY you think you should join them or think that you'd be a great fit! 
Well, I'm interested in joining the Sodastream BzzCampaign because me and my husband both keep trying carbonated flavored water, paying lots of money (because individually its not but when you buy multiple bottles it adds up VERY fast) and I think this would be a GREAT money saver and something that we could get into and use a lot! I would LOVE to try it and give you a review of what I think! If there are things that could be confusing to figure out on how to use, I'll tell you those too! #imabuzzagent