Before I start posting about the contest, I'll post what ChaCha is in case some of you do not know. ChaCha is where you're either paid to answer questions or you're the person asking them. But if you're trying to do what I'm doing, you're being paid to answer them. You get paid $.02 per question. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, and it's not a lot, but some questions already have been pre-answered by someone in the past like Trivia questions, which only makes it a matter of seconds for you to answer. Suggest to help you get more while you're "ChaChaing" is to bring up an alternate window like Swagbucks (to earn points on there too) so in case you need to look up any answers to questions. I know that some people don't have as good of an experience as others. I've experienced both where one day I could make a dollar in 10 minutes but then another day, made only a dollar in an hour. It's one of those that if you might be interested, to not give up just because you had a bad day- best suggestion to help that I'd have is if you're trying to find the best schedule to do it the most for the best traffic to getting questions is night time for starts, then weekends are usually pretty good ESPECIALLY if something big is happening like either a holiday OR like NASCAR race or some other big sport event that people are either going to want information on history about it or scores. Also, on the weekends, ChaCha usually does contests for guarenteed cash on top of what you make per question. I hope that I've explained this enough for you to determine whether or not you're interested- if not, if you have more questions, just email me. Also, for you to help me on the 100 referral contest if you ARE interested please enter "" when it asks for ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address on the sign up page:

ALSO NOTE: ChaCha was on The Early Show some months ago for being of the top legitimate at home jobs!

The ChaCha 100 is a race to 100 Guide referrals using Facebook and Twitter. The first 3 contestants to reach 100 live Guides* win lump sums and ChaCha Apparel.
1st place wins $200.00 & ChaCha Apparel
2nd place wins $150.00 & ChaCha Apparel
3rd place wins $100.00 & ChaCha Apparel
But wait, that’s not it! For each person who refers 3 or more than live Guides, you will receive $3 and an additional $1 for each live Guide after that initial 3. So if you refer 6 live Guides you will earn $6, or refer 15 live Guides and receive $15. But if you only refer 2 live Guides, you are not eligible. (This amount will be paid out weekly when we announce the leader board.)