You made money from Varolo before by watching videos (about 10 minutes a day, although you could get MORE in each day if you chose and still can..) and by inviting your friends creating a village. You HAD to have a village to make any money though, that was the kicker. You still will make money from your village, but as of today, August 7th- you're now supposed to be able to earn money from the ads that you watch too so Varolo may have just gotten a lot better. Going to give it another trial run and see how it goes, sounds great right now- hope it stays! :) Who wants to try it or go back with me?!
If you join, you need to be active and watch your 10 minutes a day of videos (or 140 videos a week) to get your full earning potential from your village, however, if you watch MORE videos than that, you can still earn since you earn for what you watch now too!


Come join me now!!