I’ve had the honor of trying Beauty Box 5 products now. Beauty Box 5 is a service that for $10/month you get 4-5 name brand beauty products samples to try! I received a package in the mail with 5 nice beauty products in a cute little bag in a small box. First I’ll start with that Beauty Box 5 was prompt on their customer service inquiry and they were prompt on sending the box out and delivery. I was very pleased with how quick their responses were to everything. I also got these products in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way paid to write this review or paid for the outcome of my review.

The Blinc mascara was interesting. When applied it made my eye lashes look devine! It, however, seemed to take longer to dry than other mascaras. It did not clumb up on me though and that’s a big problem when finding a good mascara! The dark you want, the more you apply, there’s no need to wait on it to dry however. Once it sets, the mascara forms tubes around your lashes and that helps with ease of when you want to remove it. Warm water and either your fingers with light pressure or by simply taking a shower will do it!

The City Lips from City Cosmetics I got in a clear treatment. The apply brush was like a small paintbrush which I actually really liked. I wish all lip sticks, glosses, etc would have the same way to apply. This Advanced Formula feels thick but makes my lips feel more “full” and “protected.” I like the way my lips feel after applying and I love the way they look without having to apply any color to them!

The Bodyography Clear Foundation Primer is great for keeping your foundation lasting longer and more “even.” It fills in the blanks so to speak when using foundation! It comes out as what looks like a gel, but as soon as I start applying, it didn’t even feel like I touched anything which was nice because it didn’t feel like I was applying additional “goo” onto my face! That’s a HUGE plus for me! It’s hard to apply things onto your face when it makes you feel nasty while trying to look pretty!

The Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues contains no harsh powders. They’re intended to remove excess oil and removes the unwanted shine to your face without smudging makeup! You can use either side or both sides of this sheet. The tissue itself feels more like that tissue paper that you put in gift bags and I wasn’t sure it was working until I held the paper up after using and you could see the oil from my face on it!

Last but not least, in the box was also OFRA Diamond Glitz Loose Shadow! I absolutely love the color, it’s not too “glittery” and by the name of the color, I was a little unsure! It had this brown yet grey metallic look onto my eyes. I have a pale complexion and it looks GREAT on me! It was easy to apply and I love that it was loose and wayyyyy better than the other eye shadows that I’ve experienced thus far!

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the products that were given to me in the box I received. Mostly because I don’t use all the kind of products that were in it so I wasn’t sure how much use they would be to me, but now that I’ve tried them, I’m wondering why I wasn’t using them before! If you love using new beauty products trying to find the "one" that works for you, I recommend trying Beauty Box 5!

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