I received Charmin Freshmates a couple of weeks ago, giving me plenty of chance to use them and review them. I received them for free in exchange for an honest review from Vocalpoint. When I got the package in the mail, it was a little odd, for me personally, to get an actual towel with the wipes that said "Tush" on one side and on the other it say "Face." I used one of the freshmates wet wipe later that day and not having used anything like that on a regular basis- it felt a little ackward. I started using them on my 3 year old daughter as she's trying to potty train. I figured it would be less change for her to go through and I do believe she is less resistant to being wiped after she tries to potty. I would recommend these to anyone for a cleaner feel and ESPECIALLY to any that are potty training so its less for them to have to transition into!