I recieved the Children's Claritin Syrup from BzzAgent to treat my child's allergies. It lived up to it's expectations! It came JUST in time, my daughter was starting to get allergies from all this crazy weather that we've been having. She's been having a running nose and after giving her the grape Children's Claritin Syrup- her symptoms had gone away. It says for 24 hour relief but at least for her, it lasted even longer than said. I, too, have gotten allergies lately and my eye has swollen because of them. I didn't have anything for me so I decided to give my daughter's allergy "Children's Claritin Syrup" a try and see how it works, most things that are for children like that still work for adults so I figured it wouldn't hurt. I tried it and within a few hours, my eye was feeling and looking MUCH better! The syrup also didn't taste as bad as I was expecting to, it was just a rich grape flavor, but not like cough syrup taste that I was expecting. My daughter actually enjoyed having "medicine."