I received the Dr. Scholl's massaging gel insoles for Women as a BzzAgent from BzzAgent. They send me a sample to test and keep in exchange for a review of what I thought about them. I was excited when I got the insoles, but as I tried to put them in my shoe- I shouldn't have had to cut them as they went to my shoe size, but stubbornly wouldn't go in my shoe properly. So, I cut them shorter and now they were shorter than needed, but was the only way that they were going to go in. When I still put them on, the insoles constantly want to move. They feel comfortable, that's not a problem, but I don't feel that they're "massaging" anymore than the basic Dr. Scholl's insoles. I don't like how they fit as I couldn't get them to fit when it said the shoe size to be the size but then cutting them made them too small when I put them in, but they wouldn't go in and stay flat otherwise, so this at least for me, had proven to be difficult. Maybe it was an ID-10-T problem that I was having, but I would not buy them as I had difficulty using them properly. Would I still recommend them to those that may have feet problems, probably because they were still comfortable and it would be more worth the struggle.