I recieved Garnier Fructis: Triple Nutrition for free from BzzAgent in exchange to provide them with an honest review about what I thought about this product. Well, simply put, I loved it! Ever had shampoo feel nice until you start washing it out and then your hair feels dry and ratted all over again?! I did NOT get this feeling after using Garnier Fructis: Triple Nutrition! It didn't feel oily either, this is when I really FELT that nutrition was going back into my hair! Then the conditioner made my hair feel silky, but NOT oily afterwards. I then was able to brush my hair without having the sensitivity to my scalp from "rats" in my hair! Over continuous uses, my hair only felt better when using it! I would not ONLY recommend this Shampoo and Conditioner, but I would also recommend other Garnier Fructis products! In my experience with them, they only have made my hair feel healthier than other competitor brands EVEN when dying my hair!