I have now had the privilege of trying Sonic Alert’s Sonic-connect 2. This device is a USB alert that goes off by flashing lights, beeping, and vibrating (or any combination of those, doesn’t have to be all.)  It alerts you if you have an instant message or email. You can even use it on skype! This product is PERFECT for those that are hard of hearing! I love that it’s not just hard of hearing for who it may be useful to- If you are away from your computer, you can set it to if your idle for say 10 minutes (or however long you choose) it will then start going off when you receive an email or message onto your computer! This would be GREAT for work at home people and other businesses (not just at home.) Just make sure when you plug it in that you move the device to a secure location if you have it on vibrate- because it REALLY vibrates. It’s durable so it’s not going to break on you if it falls from vibrating. I think a lot of us work at home bloggers could really use this device because we like to be alerted if we get emailed for important things, but in the mean time, housework does not do itself! It’s hard to choose what you need to be doing if you work from home, but with this device- now you don’t have to! Set it to alert you and keep your house cleaned while nothing is going on! The only thing that would improve on this device is for us at home people is for some sort of caller ID concept to know if we’re getting important emails or messages vs. just junk. I would highly recommend this device for anyone who misses messages or wishes they knew about them faster!

They also would like to offer a giveaway of the same USB device! So enter to win this wonderful device!

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