I was honored with the chance to try out Inchbug’s Orbit Labels! I told them what color I wanted and what I wanted them to say. They sent me 4 labels and I found them useful enough and there was enough to cover all of her “main” cups! I thought they would come in handy and sure enough, they did! I babysit- and I don’t normally get the cups mixed up, but it’s always nice to know what cups go where. Then, my daughter stayed the night when my niece and she uses the exact kind of cups. So it REALLY helped not getting them mixed up and that Layla got her cups back! I think the Inchbug’s Orbit Labels are very useful and very cute looking too! Something else I thought was neat, was there was braille written on there that said “Inchbug.” The only thing that would have made it cooler is that I had “Layla Mckenzie” written on there as my “label” and it would have been neat if THAT was written in braille as well. You can also put icons on them like a heart or a flower. The labels also help young ones to grip the cups. They fit most sippy cups, bottles, and snack containers.  Something also nice to know is that they’re dishwasher and microwave safe! It’s nice to know so that you can keep them on the cups and not have to remove them for either to use! However, they ARE easily removable for adults and not easy at all for children to remove. They have a tight grip on the cups or other containers that you would like labeled! Inchbug’s Orbit Labels are useful to any adult in charge of babies, toddlers, and other young children!

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Inchbug has also been gracious enough to also offer one lucky reader a complimentary set of Orbit Labels! The winner MUST like their page on Facebook! After a winner is chosen, I will be needing an address, color of the Orbit Label as well as the personalization that they would like to receive!