I got to try MASH by Boylan Bottling Company! It’s a low calorie water drink that currently comes in 4 different flavors- Ripe Mango Blood Orange, Lemon Peel Ginger Root, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Grapefruit Citrus Zing!  I don’t want to try any other flavored water beverages now! It’s a sparkling beverage that comes in 20 oz. bottles! You get it being healthy for you and an awesome flavor! I’d to have to say that the Ripe Mango Blood Orange is my favorite, but I LOVE mangos! All of them have this quality about them that you don’t get from other water drinks like it’s carbonated without actually being so and it doesn’t go away either like a pop would! I didn’t try the Grapefruit one because I don’t care for grapefruit- at all because everytime I have it, its always bitter. Well, for those who like grapefruit but can never find that right tasting sweet grapefruit- my mother in law had the Grapefruit Citrus Zing flavor and she fell in love with the flavor! She said that it was the best she had ever had, it was the good kind of grapefruit flavor that you just can’t find! All of the flavors were GREAT to me, I loved that it had more than one flavor (Mango/Orange, Lemon/Ginger, etc) and you could ACTUALLY taste both flavors! My only disappointment was then I emailed them back asking where we could purchase the drinks and we live in Indiana and currently their distributors currently don’t carry MASH. You can still however, buy it on Amazon! So, be sure to look at the store next time you go to see if they carry it at where you are!  They are constantly having contests and giveaways as well on their facebook page!

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