Nell Newman, daughter of Paul Newman, and her business partner, Peter Meehan started Newman’s Own Organics as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993. They were thinking there was a market for organic snacks, but didn’t expect such the success that they got as fast as they got it! It was a product line under her father’s name as he covered the costs for their first year of the startup. They were such a success and after quickly paying back her father for the upfront costs, they became their own company in early 2001. They started with pretzels because “Pa” Newman had such a love for them. Because of Nell’s love for chocolate, that’s the biggest reason that they decided to add organic chocolate bars to their line! Other organic chocolate items were soon to follow in their line. They also came out with the first fig bar that is all organic! They’re always looking for new materials to make their packaging recycled but due to the costs that it would cost you to buy the product after they did such- they would be a lot more expensive!

I’ll start with the Organic Milk Chocolate bar- me and my husband had no idea what to expect from organic products. I know that they’re better for you because they don’t have all the added chemicals and other things that harm your body! First, my husband had tried the Milk Chocolate bar and his eyes went buggy and made some noises, then proceeded to say that it was the best chocolate he had ever tasted! I tried some and agreed that it was awesome!! We then moved onto the Espresso Dark Chocolate bar, knowing we weren't crazy about dark chocolate, but still wanted to give it a try. Still, not my first choice of eating any chocolate, but I still don’t think it had such the after taste that a regular dark chocolate bar leaves in your mouth.

 We also tried the Hermits, now I’m not a big fan of raisins, but I wasn’t going to allow that for me not to enjoy the product. They were pretty good, but I thought the molasses taste was a little on the strong side for me. They were really soft, which is something that I liked. The raisins were also not too bad in them, it was only the molasses taste that, again, were on the strong side for me.

  The Peanut Butter cups were great with the milk chocolate and dark chocolate parts tasting the same as the chocolate bars- great and fresh! Something that was a little different for me was that the peanut butter in the tasted like real actual peanut butter instead of the processed kind in Reese’s and other peanut butter cups. The peppermint cups tasted like those chocolate mints that you only get at good restaurants! That used to be the only way I’d want a mint. The caramel cups are the only way that I can describe is awesome! The caramel in them offsets the dark chocolate giving them just the right taste!

 The peppermints and wintergreen mints both had the texture of those buttercream mints that you usually see at baby showers. The mint flavor was also not too strong for me.

 The prunes were not really any different than any other prunes, but I don’t have issues with my digestion so I didn’t eat too many.

 Well, before eating the pretzels, I figured that the pretzels would taste the same as regular pretzels, but I like regular pretzels too so it was no bother to eat them! Boy, was I wrong on these about tasting the same! They absolutely do not—they better! I loved the Honey Wheat pretzel minis especially! They have a light sweet and salty taste but not a lot of both- makes a perfect snack! When snacking, I’m usually wanting either a sweet snack or a salty snack- this way I don’t have to choose! I’m getting the best of both worlds!

 I also tried the Fig Newmans like many of the other products that I’ve had the honor of tasting! They were delightfully sweet. Not as sweet and grainy tasting as regular fig bars, but what felt like a healthy sweet taste. 

The pomegranate and sour apple licorices were awesome! They had just the right amount of flavor in them! I was really happy with the sour apple licorice because it had a light sour taste with sugar specs on them. However, if you’re the kind of person that likes really sour things, unfortunately, these would not do it for you. I prefer the light sour flavor though where I can still get the taste, but without the puckered lips!


I was a little cautious when trying the Ginger-O’s because ginger flavored items haven’t set with me well in the past- they end up making me a nauseated. These, however, luckily did not make me nauseous! They only made me want to eat more! I also enjoyed the Newman O’s Original and Newman O’s Peanut Butter! The Newman O’s Peanut Butter were similar to the peanut butter cups in that it tasted like fresh peanut butter between 2 chocolate cookies! Chocolate and peanut butter- perfect combination! They also sent some orange chocolate chip cookies which sounded odd at first. They were odd because it’s not often that orange flavor comes with chocolate chips. The flavor was awesome, the only thing I would have changed about them is that they were harder cookies. If they were the soft chewy cookies, they would have been the most perfect cookies! The last thing to tell you about is the alphabet cookies that were sent to me. They were cinnamon graham flavor and wonderful they were!! I especially thought they were cute for my 4 year old daughter, she loved them and I’m sure the letters were entertaining as well!

Newman’s Own Organics were so very kind to not only send me all of these wonderful and great products, but to offer a giveaway for my 4 favorite products!  So, I’m picking Ginger O’s, Fig Newmans, Milk Chocolate Bar, and Honey Wheat Pretzel Minis.

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