I got to try the wonderful, Pami Pocket (cell phone purse!) I requested the blue one because it’s my favorite color and matches most things. I’m not sure about most of you, but sometimes going into a store, I don’t want to drag my entire purse with me. I like taking in just my cell phone, maybe my ID (if needed) and either a credit card or cash. This is PERFECT for just that, it fits most phones, probably wouldn’t if you had a really big phone, it does fit my iPhone. I have the 3G so it’s bigger than the 4 and 5. It has a slot in the back for other things like the credit card, cash, and ID.  So if ever your just going into the store to buy just a couple of things and get out- this is what you need! Also would work great for the gym, tanning, or on a walk! It says that it’s water resistant, but well, since I’m testing and reviewing, I did test. My results were that it’s not entirely water resistant, it does however, hold a lot of water before it leaks through, which typically unless you drop it in the toilet, you would be JUST FINE! Raining, your phone would stay safe unless you were stuck in the rain for a long time. I used my sink and ran water over it for a couple of minutes (hard long stream) and I placed a paper inside (just in case) and the paper wasn’t all the way soaked, but it was mostly wet- mostly the edges. I still would recommend this Pami Pocket to carry your things, even in rain, unless there was a chance that you would be stuck out in it for long periods and it being heavy rain.

 They would like to offer a giveaway to one of my wonderful readers! They come in a lot of different styles, but for the purpose of this giveaway, you have the choice of: Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, and Paw Print.

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