After trying Red Jacket Orchards juice, I want more!! They sent me the flavors of Grape Apple, Strawberry Apple, Blackcurrant Apple, Fuji Apple, Raspberry Apple, and Cherry Tart Stomp. All of them I loved but a few stood out just a little more than others.  My favorites were the Strawberry Apple, Raspberry Apple, and Fuji Apple. I thought before trying the Fuji Apple juice that it was just going to be like any other apple juice, but it definitely was NOT! It tasted like very FRESH FUJI APPLE! I’ve never tasted such a fresh taste in apple juice. I got the same feeling with the other juices- the Strawberry Apple- it tasted like fresh sweet strawberries with just a little apple taste. The Raspberry Apple, again, was really no different. I like raspberries, but it depends how they’re used, etc. I had never heard or tasted blackcurrants before so I can describe what it tasted like other than blackcurrants. It tasted like a mix of a pear and star fruit flavor. It was very yummy and wonderful! The Grape Apple tasted like a mix of grapes and apples. The Cherry Tart Stomp was just as it sounds- cherry flavor but TART. It wasn’t too sour for me that I didn’t want to drink it, but it was definitely tart! I so would like more of their juice! I didn’t get to try apricot stomp, but it sounds yummy too! I looked up as to what stores sold them so that maybe I could buy some. There are 2 stores in the area, both are called “The Fresh Market” so if there is one of those stores close to you, chances are that it will probably be there. Sometime, I’d like to go there to see what other goodies they may have! I can’t stop thinking about how I want more Red Jacket juice!! You can also buy their juice on their site if you can’t find them in a store near you!

 Red Jacket was also VERY nice to offer a giveaway to a lucky reader for a 6 pack of 12 oz. juices!

Check out their site as well as their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!