When I heard about Sweet Andy’s Cookies, I was delighted and I wrote them about a review! I was honored when I got a reply and accepting for me to review their cookies! They sent me a variety box of wonderful cookies! They sent me the flavors of:  Mint, Triple Chip, Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, and Sugar Cookie. My favorite was Triple Chip which had chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, and peanut butter chips in them!  I didn’t think they could get so much flavor and wonderfulness into one cookie! All of their cookies were huge and super soft, but not too soft where they crumbled everywhere! My husband’s favorite was the oatmeal raisin. I don’t care for raisins and before I even got an option of eating them, my husband swiped them from me without a second thought! He LOVED them and wished there were more! You should have heard the noises that he was making while eating these cookies! To say the least, these cookies were great- beyond great! The cookies arrived 2 weeks ago and they’re only just now (what is left) to get hard around the edges and barely at that! I don’t know how they made such awesome cookies and for them to stay soft so long, but we love them! A friend of mine, said that the mint were really good, but I won’t use the word she did. I’ve tried the mint cookies and they were great as well, they weren’t too strong on the mint flavor, which I preferred!  The sugar cookies were kind of light and fluffy feeling eating them- just wonderful! The chocolate chip were really like any chocolate chip cookies aside from being bigger and softer than your average cookie! The only ones that I didn’t care for as much were the chocolate ones. I love chocolate, I’m just not big on just chocolate alone, but I still liked them because they were really soft.

You can find their cookies to be able to buy for yourself on their site! They’re well worth it!

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They’ve also been generous to offer one lucky reader to have the same box of goodies that I received!

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