THERA°PEARL sent me a back wrap to review. I was pleasantly pleased to have received this product to review. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and so my back tends to hurt more often than others. I go to the chiropractor and an ice pack or other natures help it from hurting as bad. So, needless to say, this product came in GREAT use to me! THERA°PEARL offers pearl technology for their wraps which can be used as a HOT or COLD pack! With the Pearl Technology, when cold, the pack is smooth and soft on your skin while it delivers soothing relief. After heating up the pack in the microwave for the hot pack effect, it relieves stiff muscles while helping with blood flow. The pearl technology reminds me of deco beads just not as big. It feels very soft and comfortable while using it! They recommend using it for at least 20 minutes to get the results that you’re looking for. The box that it comes in is also nice enough to tell you how long you should heat it for depending on your wattage microwave! This is what they had to say that the benefits of ICE therapy and HEAT therapy were.

What are the benefits of ICE therapy?
Ice therapy (a.k.a. cryotherapy) is one of the most common recommendations by doctors for injury prevention & recovery. Applying ice immediately after an injury or physical trauma (the sooner the better) constricts blood flow & slows bleeding/swelling. Ice therapy reduces pain & muscle spasm. Also, applying ice to the injured area decreases the metabolic rate of cells, which limits the risk of cell death after an injury and helps prevent long-term damage.”

What are the benefits of HEAT therapy?

Heat therapy increases circulation (blood flow), effectively relaxing muscles & easing movement. Stimulating blood flow to injured areas once swelling has gone down promotes healing & speeds recovery of damaged tissue.”

I would recommend THERA°PEARL for any sore or injured muscles. They offer more than just back wraps- they have ones for knees as well as ones for kids which they also sent me! They were super cute and my daughter also sees a chiropractor because she has scoliosis. She gets adjusted biweekly and afterwards, they suggest applying an ice pack as well so she’s not in any extra pain! THERA°PEARL sent Pearl the Pig and Ping the Panda! Sometimes it’s hard to get kids, especially my daughter to have the patience with things like having an ice pack on her. These make it a lot easier and willing for her to have it on her. It’s cute and friendly looking- very kid friendly!

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THERA°PEARL has been so kind to offer a lucky reader a back wrap!