I was given the opportunity to try Zevia Zero Calorie Soda. I received a variety 6 pack giving me the flavors of Ginger Root Beer, Cherry Cola, Lime Cola, Dr. Zevia, Grapefruit Citrus, and Cream Soda. I’ll have to say that the Ginger Root Beer & Cream Soda were my favorite though. It doesn’t have calories or sugar in it so unless your dieting or like diet type soda, this soda may not be for you. This is another great product for those of you working on your New Year Resolutions to lose weight! The Lime Cola was pretty okay, I’m not a big fan of Cola, but you could actually taste the lime flavor in it. Same thing with the Cherry Cola, you could taste the cherry flavor. If it was flavored, it seemed you could taste more of the natural ingredients instead of being artificial like a normal soda. The Cream Soda tasted like Diet Cream Soda, it didn’t quite taste the same because none of them have sugar, but it still tasted sweet that it didn’t bother me. There’s also something about Root Beer that I think is really hard to change on its flavor too much!  You can buy their soda at Target, Kroger, and Walgreens. They have other stores and you can find them here, I just seen the ones that we have here that I would be able to purchase at. I didn’t get to try but am REALLY interested in trying is they have a Strawberry flavor so I maybe going out to just buy some of it, hoping that they have that particular flavor in stock!


They would like to offer a giveaway for a free 6 pk coupon to use at one of the stores it’s sold at!


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