I received Kroger's The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies from BzzAgent to test and give an honest review. I ate an initial cookie to see what I was testing with no changes. The cookie wasn't as soft as I was hoping for, but still not rock hard so I was happy. The chocolate chips within the cookie really popped out in taste- they were NOT itty bitty where you barely notice them! The next cookie I had was heated for 15 seconds to see if it softened the cookie- it didn't really soften it too much but didn't make it harder either, just warmed the cookie. Then I ate a heated cookie while dipping it in milk- I think it was my favorite just because the cookie didn't crumble by dipping it in milk like normal cookies- it stayed its form and shape. When taking a bite of the cookie dipped in milk though, you could taste the cookie surrounded in milk but it enhanced the chocolate chips like I was eating a big chocolate chip but not as rich as if I was. I also decided to try a cookie, heated, with peanut butter spread on the top of the cookie. This wasn't exactly how I was expecting it to turn out but it made the cookie rather dry just because that's how peanut butter is and the cookie not being extra soft dough- it didn't work out too well together until I dipped THAT cookie into the milk! It says on the box that the chocolate chips are the #1 ingredient and I would whole-heartly have to agree- these cookies just wouldn't be good without the chocolate chips!