I received the Meijer Mounted Photo product for free in exchange for an honest review from BzzAgent. I took my photos on a SD card and put it into Meijer's Photo Center computers. It took about 2 minutes to go through the process since I was brand new to it all. I put my order through, the young man that was there said that it would be 5-10 minutes and he'd have it ready for me. It only took about 5 minutes, guarateed to only be 1 hour but MUCH FASTER than that! When I looked at my photo, it was excellent! I got a matte finish and it looked great! For 5 minutes of work, they were great quality! The mounted picture could either hang on the wall or put up on a desk or table. It came with a metal rod to twist into the back to make so you could put it on a flat surface instead of hanging it on the wall. It hid into the back of the photo in case you didn't want to go that route though. I highly recommend the Meijer Mounted Photos! Quick, Easy, and Beautiful!