I got a coupon from BzzAgent for a frozen desert that couldn't be ice cream. I had trouble finding the deserts however. They were in the middle of the pie section, not even in the "desert" LABELED section! I almost thought they just didn't have them. They had many to choose from that sounded delicious! But, I decided to buy the mini eclairs thinking that all of us would enjoy them. I kept them in the freezer until the day I was going to try them. I had them in the fridge for a few hours, but then had to put them on the counter for over 30 minutes before able to eat them and not be frozen. Well, after being thawed and have taken a bite, I had decided that the wait was well worth it. The desert was not rich in taste, but delightful! It had a custard inside that was light on the tongue. Felt like bites of heaven in my mouth. I probably could have kept eating more because of how light they tasted. My husband thought it was going to be a creme inside instead of a custard (even though it states on the box otherwise.) My daughter loved them too, she shared a bit of the chocolate with the rest of her face. I would certainly buy this desert again and most likely most of the other choices that they had as well.