I got this too, from a coupon from BzzAgent. They had a couple of choices that sounded good. Looking at it though, I knew was NOT going to be enough for 2 people for what most people eat so I had to buy another pizza as well. I didn't care for the crust type because it was harder even not trying to make it be. I thought it was kind of neat to have moth ball sized cheese balls on the pizza and watch those melt on the pizza, but it could have used more of those. The pepperoni was nicely placed. How you were supposed to cut the pizza into slices was- interesting. I like garlic, but I go more for the flavor- I'm not big on actual garlic CHUNKS. This pizza had the chunks which I just didn't enjoy and they weren't like on top or anything to be able to pick off. The flavor of the pizza was still pretty good though. Overall, I probably would not get again because of the price, size of the pizza, and the crust being too hard.