I got my coupon for a free frozen appitizer from BzzAgent. I went to Kroger, as that's where Private Selection brand is sold. I already wasn't big on the appetizers because all the ones they had- had onions. They had others with more things I didn't care for, but I could get past that. So I decided to give the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets a try and it was a fail, I feel. I put them in the oven for the temperature that it said, preheating it first. Then put it in for the time it said, and after that they still looked frozen so I kept them in longer. They didn't turn out how I was expecting them to taste or look after being cooked. The best description that I could give as far as they tasted was like chicken flavored eggs. Looking at the picture, it looks like chunks of chicken should be in there, but when eating it, it tasted more like a mush kind of texture. I feel that the chicken should have been more pronouced in the appetizer. Also, it suggests sour cream to be eaten with these, while it may taste good, with the rest of the food already tasting like mush- I don't highly recommend it. Oh and the onions and peppers that are listed to be inside the dish- you can SEE them, but not notice that they are there. I would not buy these again nor likely to buy any other of the appetizers they had available.