I was given the opportunity to try RedBox Instant  by Verizon for a month as part of being a BzzAgent. I was a little excited about it since it’s $8/mo for a subscription and with that you get 4 codes a month to use at the kiosk. That means I’m only spending about $2/mo to stream movies. While that sounded AWESOME, then I try to see if I can put the app onto my Playstation 3 just like I can for Netflix- NOPE, it’s not there. I was a little disappointed with that.  I move on and I go online to see the video selection and I’m feeling disappointed again, there aren’t any recent movies to be played. They are all over a year old. I try to search but there’s no way to search specifically only streaming movies for a certain title. They don’t have a large selection of known movies at least at the current time. There are still a few good movies so I figured I’d try one out to see how it plays for me on my computer. Well, I soon get even more disappointed when I’m not able to play a video!  Instead of getting a video to play, I receive “A license request to view this video has been denied.” I tried another video, and I get the same thing. So, while I get 4 free codes a month, I still am wasting $2/mo to stream movies that I can’t even stream. I hope this problem gets fixed in the future and that they add more movies to be able to watch- even if not newer ones, more of known titles. At this current point, I do not recommend the RedBox Instant by Verizon! I do still, however, recommend RedBox Kiosk!