I was given the chance to try out Rembrandt products! The products I had the opportunity to try was their Deeply White + Peroxide toothpaste, Deeply White 2 Hour Whitening Kit, Intense Stain toothpaste, and Intense Stain Stain Dissolving Strips! Out of all of them, I liked the Deeply White + Perosixe toothpaste the most because it wasn’t as strong on the mint flavor. I have issues with wanting to use certain  toothpaste because the mint flavor is too overpowering for my liking. If it’s too strong, it makes me feel like I want to gag and don’t want to use it, regardless of how well it works. I think you need to be comfortable enough to use it or it’s not going to work! I liked the Intense Stain toothpaste too, but it was a bit stronger, but I do believe that it worked very well on removing stains from my teeth! The Intense Stain Stain Dissolving Strips feel a little ackward being on my teeth at first as I’m not used to put strips on them, but really not too bad. I don’t feel again, where an overpowering flavor to where I want to find a way to get them off so this is a good thing for me! 56 teeth whitening strips come in the box and it takes 5-10 minutes for the strips to dissolve. It says that they noticeably whiten tough surface stains such as coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and smoking. It also says that it protects against the build-up of future stains. You should have the results you would like to see in 2 weeks!! The Deeply White + Peroxide 2 hour Whitening Kit was a little more challenging for me. To have something in my mouth for that long and trying not to snatch it out was difficult! I like the idea of this product but doesn’t appeal to me as the others do. Trying to get that white smile though, I would highly recommend these Rembrandt products!! Another reason why the 2 hour whitening kit is not as appealing as the others is for me, it seems like an instant fix for a short period, and maybe that’s great for something specific that you’re trying to have the award winning smile for, but I’d like healthier teeth for a long period! I would still recommend the product for those that can get past working on them for 2 hours for the end result and paying the money for it- better than going to a dentist and having that exact work done for WAY more money! I think between the two toothpastes that I was sent, I’d be pleased with just those two products. Use the Intense Stain toothpaste first that removes stains & restores enamel then the Deeply White + Peroxide toothpaste that whitens deeper & restores enamel! I’m very pleased with having given the chance to try these products and would continue wanting Rembrandt products now!

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