provides you with awesome shirts! They have funny shirts, offensive shirts, shirts from movies that again, are funny! I love their funny t-shirts! They were kind enough to send me one to review, it was at random of what shirt that I received. I requested, however, that it not be offensive. I don’t get offended easily but since I was reviewing it and going to post it on my blog for you to view, I didn’t want to review something that you may feel was completely offensive! If you would like to look at their offensive section, be my guest, you can find it here. They’re ALWAYS having specials on buying t-shirts! I plan to buy more shirts through them since they’re reasonably priced even outside of additional specials! They supply quality t-shirts as well, not JUST a t-shirt! I got the Zombie “I’m Fine” T-Shirt! I found it amusing and I love wearing it! You can find it here if you would like to purchase it as well. At the top, it says I’m Fine which isn’t shown in the picture- not sure why. This shirt is great for everyday wear or you can even wear it come Halloween- it’d still look great! They also offer American Apparel t-shrits and bottle cap opener t-shirts!

Mom like likes Angry Birds? Here's a funny shirt for you!

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Oh! I'm not sure about you, but sometimes when ordering online especially for those who earn PayPal money, would like to know if a place accepts money from PayPal! Well, Road Kill T-Shirts does!