I recieved coupons to get UNREAL candy for free from BzzAgent. I bought them easily from Walgreens. I got the Unreal5 Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar as well as the Unreal77 Peanut Butter Cups. The chocolate on both tastes "lighter" and fluffier than typical milk chocolate- on the ingrediants it says Skim Milk Powder and I'm thinking maybe that has something to do with it? I prefered the Peanut Butter cups as they tasted like a healthier version of Reese's. The nougat part in the candy bar, tastes more like powder and grainy than I cared for.
The taste on the UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups, the chocolate tastes like a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate as far as the flavor. The peanut butter in the cups tastes great as it doesn't taste like it has all the extra oil, I believe you can really notice! I would recommend these to anyone who like a healthier tasting candy!