I've added 2 new survey sites onto the "Survey Sites" page. I've been signed up with Mindfield Online for almost 2 years, but I didn't mess with it for awhile because I wasn't qualifying at first then I didn't get as many surveys so I just ignored them for awhile. I decided after awhile to give it another shot and I've been qualifying for most of the surveys that I try to do. Cash out for Mindfield Online is only $5, which is REALLY low for most survey sites. It doesn't take long to get to cash out and you can get Amazon gift cards, Facebook credits is also an option, but I prefer Amazon. I've also added PaidViewpoint which is more like answer poll questions for cents here and there for each question you answer. $15 is cash out on that site. If you're familiar at all with ICS (InstantCashSweepstakes) then it's the same company and is VERY similar except for being random on getting money, you get paid for each question, unless it's those questions to make you get more surveys then it'll ask a few questions and give you $.10, but still REALLLLLY easy and fast :)

If you're interested in signing up for either of these sites you can find them on the Survey Sites page or you can click on these links:

Mindfield Online