It saddens me to say that we no longer have Superpoints to earn on! However, for those that were regular, we also know that once they changed the amount to check out and there was a cap on referral earnings. As well as still having the cashout level raised to high for those that didn't have any referrals- it was bound to go under. They sold it back to the previous owners (from what I could read) and they have no knowledge whether or not to continue with Superpoints, but as it stands now, superpoints is NO longer. I suggest for people like me, who used it regularly to keep an eye JUST IN CASE they decide to continue on with Superpoints, however, I would not get my hopes up to high as like I also said, we figured this day would be coming just because of all the changes that were made, it was hard to keep people's interest on doing it and even harder to get other people interested!