Okay so I was checking out some sites of those who entered the Extreme Couponing contest. I figure if they're doing well with that, maybe they know what they're talking about with other things online too, lol... well, I was on 99% of the sites that were on their "trusted" sites list, but then found one that I wasn't soooo I figured hey, I'll try this out and OMG! Already got me addicted!! lol. Jingit is a paid to watch ads and do surveys, although the surveys are at the end of some videos, and its only like 3 questions of what you thought or like just asking what brand was the video for, etc (to make sure you watched it more less) but not every video has the survey things at the end either... ANYWAY, you get paid per video, pay varies, and so do the length of the videos- something I thought was neat was that it went through how much it paid you vs. the length and gave you what it would be equal to how much you'd be getting paid per hour, so it REALLY feels worth your time too! lol. I made almost $4.00 in less than 10 minutes!! That's more than any other site that I'm on, I mean, don't get me wrong I still LOVE my other sites- Varolo, Superpoints, Beezag, etc but for the time spent on the site- I make more on Jingit in less than 10 minutes of 1 day than I do for 3 weeks on Varolo! SOooooo, I figured I'd invite my friends to join me on Jingit so ya'll can start earning too!!