Sorry that it's been a bit of a delay to update the site, but it's fully updated at the moment. This week, I'll be getting more sites and let you know how they go and update the site if they go well! Here are things I've added in this update--
1 new Paid to Search (Zoombucks)
4 new Paid to Socialize (MyAllFriends, myLot, Klikot, and Daceband)
1 Paid to Watch Commerials (Beezag)
1 Paid to Be Online (GomezPeer)
1 new Paid to View Ads (YouData)
1 Survey Site (FGI Surveys)

If you there is a site that is legit and that is NOT on here, please email me at and I'll check it out and add it if it's good! :) Thanks for watching out here!