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I'm glad you came to my site. My name is Sara and I put this site together to help others like me who need a little helping hand. The economy hasn't exactly made life easy, so instead of me repeating myself to anyone that I meet for the stuff that I find. I'm posting it here and trying to make it look nice and then maybe you'll sign up for some of them to help yourself. I'm a giving person and since I don't have money to just throw at people to help them, this is what I can do- show you what I do to help. You CAN get money at home, you won't get rich, but there's ways that you can make it work or at least have an extra income and when you're first starting it out, it won't come right away, but you'll get to the point when you sign for a lot that when you're waiting on others to pay you, you can get paid by another so I suggest when signing up for things like surveys- I'd sign up for multiple ones otherwise it may seem like it's taking longer. I'll be posting all the good ones on here and I'll also be posting ones that I'm still testing, I'll put those into a different section that way you can sign up for them, but you'll know that I can't say for sure if they're really good or not. When that's decided- they'll be located in the proper sections. I'm really glad you came by to check out my site and I hope that it helps you! Keep coming by for more updates and listings!

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