This page is for screen shots or pictures of proof that I have been paid. I don't have payment proofs of all the sites that I've been paid from-- I've been paid by lots before I started "recording" them. I'm mostly posting 1 to each site unless I'm providing multiple cash out options. If you would like to see more updated ones, request them then. :)

 Beezag Payment Proof

 Bellwether Surveys Payment Proof

 InboxPays Payment Proof

Parade Payment Proof 

 Pinecone Research Payment Proof

Unique Rewards Payment Proof 

Superpoints for AMAZON Payment Proof 

 Superpoints for PAYPAL Payment Proof

**Superpoints also has MANY other cashouts to be able to redeem for!** 

 ExpoTV Payment Proof for Amazon

GomezPeer Payment Proof 

Swagbucks Payment Proofs- Amazon gift cards- Other options are available. 

PI-Opinion Payment Proof- Amazon Gift Card (They send you a survey and for that survey it's a $5 or more (I've gotten a $10 too) for that survey) 

 PollBuzzer Payment Proof- $1 per poll question and within the day, you'll get paid for it in your paypal account!

Zoombucks Payment Proof 

DonkeyMails Payment Proof

InboxDollars Payment Proof 

MyLikes Payment Proof 

ShareMagnet Payment Proof 

 YouData Payment Proof

QuickRewards Payment Proof (they also do PayPal) 

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